The volunteers within RDA help us to create passionate, dedicated and inclusive communities that have been serving all parts of Australia for 60 years.

RDA Australia is connected to a world wide network of people and organisations who deliver horse riding programs for people with a disability. Volunteering with RDA in Australia provides opportunity for you to connect and engage with a national network of resources, expertise and passionate people. We welcome volunteer enquiries from 12 years of age and would love to hear from everyone who has a genuine interest in becoming part of one of our fun and supportive RDA communities.

Volunteer with us

Over 3000 volunteers contribute almost 400,000 hours of volunteer service at RDA Centres right across Australia each year. There’s a huge range of tasks that need doing and its almost certain that a job can be found to meet your skills, interest and available time. Ongoing opportunities exist for volunteers to carry out work ‘out of the arena’, in areas of maintenance, fundraising, and horse care – as well as ample chances for people who want to assist in session delivery, supporting our participants and working with the horses in lessons.


Training people at RDA is essential to the safe and efficient delivery of our programs. Across 60 years we’ve developed national systems, processes and a suite of training to keep everyone safe and focussed on what is most important. Our coaches are trained and accredited, our horses are too! – and as a volunteer you’ll be supported to learn at your own pace, assessed against competency and assigned to jobs that suit your skills and experience. At RDA we all learn the same way, so there will be lots of people to help you on your learning journey.

Great things our Volunteers are saying


Anne McInerney

RDA Centre Volunteer

“It is great to see riders develop confidence as they learn to listen to instructions, translate them into actions for their horse to respond to and then succeed together in the task”

Anne began volunteering at RDA Northern Area in 2010, inspired by the therapeutic benefits of horse riding for disabled individuals. She enjoys helping with lessons, grooming horses, and participating in events like State Dressage. Anne values the camaraderie among volunteers and the progress riders make through their efforts.

Read more about Anne’s inspiring volunteer journey and her contributions to RDA Northern Area here.


Matt Watson

Executive General Manager

“I can’t help feeling inspired when I hear their stories, the fact that they wish to be at Pegasus not because they have to but because they want to.”

Volunteers bring more than just help; they create a unique atmosphere. Pegasus relies on them for various tasks and their absence during lockdowns is deeply felt. Inspired by their dedication, General Manager Matt volunteers weekly, experiencing firsthand the value they add. Without volunteers, Pegasus and RDA wouldn’t exist.

Discover more about Matts’s rewarding volunteer experience and his insights and observations about RDA here.