Sport Integrity 

RDAA has partnered with Sport Integrity Australia and the adoption of the National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies.

This is an important step in protecting our sport and our members from integrity threats like harassment, bullying, abuse, illicit drugs and competition manipulation.

National Integrity Framework

By adopting the National Integrity Framework, RDAA now has six new integrity policies which apply to all members. In addition, all complaints about possible integrity breaches will now be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia, which we hope will ensure people feel safe to speak up about any concerns. 

RDAA’s National Integrity Framework is now in effect. The framework consists of six integrity-related policies, including:

  1. National Integrity Framework
  2. Member Protection Policy
  3. Child Safeguarding Policy
  4. Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy
  5. Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
  6. Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

 This means from the commencement date Sport Integrity Australia will take over the management of all complaints in relation to integrity matters for our sport. That includes, abuse, bullying and harassment.

 It is important that all members and participants of RDAA understand their obligations under this Framework and in particular familiarise themselves with conduct which is prohibited within each policy.

 Breaches and complaints related to these policies will be handled independently by Sport Integrity Australia. Complaints related to other RDAA polices, such as Selection Policy disputes, will remain with RDAA. 

 Any questions can be directed to the RDAA National Integrity Manager RDAA Executive Officer

Integrity Complaints

Any complaints in relation to alleged breaches under the National Integrity Framework (including member protection, child safeguarding, misuse of drugs and medicines and competition manipulation and sports wagering) will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia.

The RDAA National Integrity Framework policies can be found here, above.

All participants in the sport are bound by this Framework. This includes riders, coaches, support personnel, employees and volunteers.

How to submit a complaint?

Anyone can submit a complaint about any conduct occurring from now into the future. If you think someone or an organisation has breached the National Integrity Framework in our sport, you can report your concern or lodge a complaint through Sport Integrity Australia. or by phoning 13 000 27232

For more information on what a breach under the National Integrity Framework is, check out the Prohibited Conduct Fact Sheet.

For more information on the Complaints, Disputes and Disciplines Policy check out the Complaints, Disputes and Disciplines Fact Sheet.

RDAA will continue to manage other complaints unrelated to these policies, such as Selection Policy disputes. For more information on the National Integrity Framework and what Sport Integrity Australia will manage, visit [link to What is NIF fact sheet]

If you have any questions or concerns about the complaint process, contact [NSO Integrity Manager] or Sport Integrity Australia directly.

NSO Integrity Manager is: RDAA EO
NSO Complaint Manager is: RDAA EO
Sport Integrity Australia: or 1300 027 232

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