Governance is an ongoing commitment shared by our Board of Directors, our management and all RDA people.
The RDA Constitution is the foundation of our structure, governance and rules and the principles are a reflection of the Sport Australia Framework for Good Governance.

Sport Australia Framework

How to join the boarD

The RDA Australia Board is made up of 7 elected positions with 2 positions available for Board appointments for special skills.

New Board Members are nominated and elected by a vote of Members at the RDA Australia AGM in November each year. Board Members serve terms of 3 years for a maximum of 3 terms.

Current Vacancies: 03

Contact RDA Australia to find out more about joining the RDA Australia Board.


RDA Australia has a flexible governance structure that incorporates full member bodies and Associate Members (centres affiliated directly with RDA Australia where there is no affiliated State Member).
Full Member State Bodies
Associate Members
RDA Australian Capital Territory
RDA Queensland
RDA South Australia
RDA Tasmania
RDA Victoria
RDA Deniliquin (NSW)
RDA Alice Springs (NT)
RDA in the Top End (NT)
RDA Capricorn (WA)
RDA Carine (WA)
RDA Harvey (WA)
RDA Oakford (WA)
RDA South West (WA)
RDA Murray Mandurah (WA)





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