RDA Life Members

Life memberships are extremely special awards. Nominations for Honorary Life Membership are approved by a Special Resolution of the Members at an Annual General Meeting.

Any of the State Associations may nominate a person who has rendered distinguished or special service to Riding for the Disabled at a national level for Honorary Life Membership of the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia.

Life membership must be proposed and seconded by Company delegates and then voted on by the Company. They are awarded only to people who have served the organisation in an exceptional way and over a dedicated period of time.

Over the past thirty years RDA Australia has awarded Honorary Life Membership to eighteen very special and dedicated RDA members.

Name State Year Contribution
Bid Williams ACT 2009
  • Founder member of RDAA.
  • Established Pegasus Centre in Canberra.
  • Areas of Coaching and Training particularly National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
  • Active coach for almost 30 years
Barbara Hinds ACT 2009
  • Involvement with Pegasus Centre (ACT) from mid-1970’s as volunteer, Management Committee member and Level 2 Coach since 1981.
  • Assisted in writing National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.
Bill Gibbins VIC 2008
  • Awarded for philanthropic support of RDAA
  • Bill is the former Owner and Managing Director of FCL Interstate Transport and 2007 Interstate Transport Australian Freight Industry Awards Personality of the Year
John Bennett VIC 2008
  • Involvement with RDA at local, State (VIC) and National level.
  • President RDAA.
  • 7-8 years as RDAV Board Member.
  • 21 years at RDA Horsham - 10 years as President of Horsham
  • Level 1 Coach and AB whip.
  • John was instrumental in the setting up of an indoor arena and the purchase of 11 acres of land to accommodate the horses.
Mary Longden VIC 2008
  • Involvement with RDAA for +30 years as Coach, Mentor, and National Coach of Para-Equestrian team.
  • Executive Secretary of RDAV in its early days.
  • Author of instruction manuals on ‘Teaching Riders with a Disability’.
  • Recognised internationally for her knowledge and expertise in the field of Therapeutic Riding.
  • Previous FRDI Vice President and Secretary.
Pauline Perry OAM TAS 2007
  • Involvement with RDA at local, State (VIC) and National level.
  • President RDAV and Chair of Coaching Committee (VIC).
  • President and Vice-President of RDAA.
  • Chair of NCSC – now Program Delivery Committee.
  • Assisted in writing and review of National Coaching Manuals.
  • Board Member FRDI.
  • President FRDI/HETI.
Doug Denby NSW 2006
  • President of RDAA (1992 – 2000).
  • Held executive positions (Treasurer, Auditor).
  • Involvement in introduction of what is now Para-Equestrian to the Paralympics leading to successful participation at 2000 Sydney Paralympics.
Norma Pearce VIC 2002
  • Founder member of RDAA and RDAV. Volunteer at local group.
  • President of RDAA 1985 - 86.
  • Australian representative to International Federation (FRDI).
  • Member of 1st Executive Board of FRDI (1991 -1997).
  • Executive Director FRDI (1997 – 2010).
Ruth Squair OAM
ACT 1999
  • Awarded for services to Executive Committee as Chairman of NCSC (1990 – 1998)
Marguerite Francis
(Kurschner) OAM
QLD 1995
  • Awarded for services as President of RDAA.
  • Production of 1st Policies & Procedures Manual
  • Establishment of Hippotherapy in Australia
John Hancock QLD 1994
  • Awarded for services to RDAA Executive Committee.
Mary Small NSW 1988
  • Awarded for services as Editor of ‘Riding Free’ (1979 – 1991).
    • i.e. national magazine for RDAA
  • Involved with RDA centres in Tasmania and Victoria as a volunteer.
June McIntyre QLD 1988
  • Started 1st Riding program for ‘People with Disabilities in Australia’, in Queensland in 1964 (McIntyre RDA Centre).
  • 25 years service to the development of RDA in Queensland.
Michael Field
VIC 1988
  • Honourable Statistician to RDAA and first Honorary Administrator.
  • Tireless volunteer for RDAA.
Ann Sands OAM WA 1987
  • Long Association with RDA WA.
  • Founding member in the establishment of RDAA.
  • Invaluable in obtaining grants and RDAA funding in the formative years.
  • National President.
Wendy Maplestone
VIC 1987
  • Founding member of RDA Victoria and RDAA.
  • 1st National President.
  • Long association with RDAA and RDAV - areas of coaching and training.
Pearl Batchelor OAM
NSW 1987
  • Founding member of both RDA NSW and RDA Australia.
  • 2nd National President of RDAA.
  • Founded Kellyville RDA Centre NSW.
  • Long association with RDAA and RDA NSW - areas of training and coaching.
Daphne Pagnamenta
UK 1986
  • From RDA UK. Awarded for assistance in establishing RDA in Australia.
  • Daphne visited several times giving valuable advice and sharing expertise in the formation of the national body.