Pete's Story

RDA would not exist without - the horse!

To be an RDA horse requires many qualities:

Patience - Tolerance - Kindness - Willingness - Soundness - Health

RDA Horses - there are 800+ RDA horses in Australia - all have a story to tell. Pete's story epitomises what RDA can do for a horse and horses can do for us!

Penzance (aka Pete) is a 16.3 part thoroughbred /Holstein gelding. At 23, he's reasonably fit, well and still enjoys a trail ride. Pete competed successfully in dressage competitions but after developing signs of navicular disease was unable to continue his dressage career. His owner wanted to find a home for Pete where he would be looked after, used within his capabilities, not just be turned out and become bored.


1996 New Beginnings

RDA Pomona was established in Queensland by Nadia and Paul Bellarby from the Endeavour Foundation which provides care and employment of adults with an intellectual disability. RDA Pomona required horses capable of carrying adults and Pete was donated in 1996 to begin his second career, one that was to continue until 2003 when he retired at 21.

Pete’s RDA Career

Pete displayed all the qualities that one looks for in an RDA horse. He would stand patiently at the ramp while riders were lifted on or off; walk willingly when led around the arena; never take advantage of riders off the lead rein; and happily steer through bending poles, activities far removed from his days as a dressage horse.

2000 Pete the Potential Paralympian

Pete was selected as a possibility for the Sydney Paralympic Team and assessed to see if he could compete as a Grade One horse. Unfortunately, while he passed with flying honours, he was rejected through old injuries. Pete's moment of glory was not to be!

2001 RDA State Champion

In 2001, Pete achieved fame and was awarded the 'best horse' prize at the RDA QLD State Championships ridden by Dylan Cruikshanks.

2006 Retirement

Pete Kick-started his retirement by completing the Great Kilkivan Horse Ride, 30km over rugged terrain and finished without any sign of discomfort or distress.
Pete Pete has spent the last two years living at RDAA former President Philip Walliker's property where he is ridden once or twice a week and enjoys his outings. He bosses all the other 3 horses he lives with and is still going strong at 2006. Pete