RDA Australia 2017 Horse of the Year



RDA Capricorn, Western Australia

 Horse Name:
Cadbury Age:
 28 years
 Gelding/Mare: Mare
 Chocolate/White Taffy
 Breed: Miniature Pony
Length of RDA Service:
11 years
Cadbury is our friendly miniature pony who has been helping RDA riders for over 10 years.  At just 9hh, she takes some of our youngest and smallest children for riders, encouraging even some of our most nervous riders to participate in lessons.  She remains calm and trustworthy when new RDA riders are being introduced to riding for the first time and has given many the confidence to want to make progress in their lessons.
At our recent open day celebrations, Cadbury stood patiently for 5 hours while little girls (and boys!) dressed her up with ribbons and flowers.
Cadbury has also been a willing grandmother to our new born foals.  She even stepped in when one of our foals was orphaned at 4 months old, living with the foal and teaching her how to be a horse, until old enough to live with the 'big horses'.
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