Special Horses for Special People

RDA horses and ponies come from a variety of backgrounds and pathways:

  • Ex-pony club or horse club
  • Ex-riding school horses
  • Retired High performance dressage horses

RDA gives these lucky ponies and horses a new lease in life and career opportunities. They in return, offer total unconditional love. It’s a win-win situation for all!

RDA need:

  • Horses between 11hh and 16hh (a hand is equal to 10cm)
  • Ideally, horses should be aged between 8 and 18 years old
  • Wide and narrow horses
  • Suitable, mannered and experienced horses with good temperaments
  • Sound horses
Special Horses for Special People

Typical horses used in the program are:

  • owned (purchased or donated)
  • loaned/leased
  • sponsored
  • trialled for suitability before they are integrated into the RDA program

Horses undergo regular training and exercise to keep them:

  • fit and strong
  • in good mental health

At the end of their RDA working life our horses and ponies:

  • Return to previous owners
  • Retire to pasture (in the company of their pals)

If you have a horse you think would be suitable for RDA, please contact your local RDA centre.

Horses Birthday

Did you know?

The August 1 is celebrated as the Horse’s Birthday. The date is chosen as the official birth date of all horses in the southern hemisphere as it falls at the beginning of the foaling season. This allows all foals born in that season to be considered the same age for competition purposes.

RDA also celebrates this day and incorporates it into our national Riding for the Disabled Association Awareness Week, which takes place for the week over 1 August every year.
Happy birthday to all our wonderful horses and thank you to all our riders who help us celebrate the Horses Birthday Party across Australia!
Horse's Birthday