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2016 Horse of the Year Finalists

This year we have 5 finalists from Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria!

Jungles Kelsey Lee



Age: 7 years
Gelding/Mare: Mare
Colour: Bay
Breed: Brumbie
Length of RDA Service: 2 years
Jungles Kelsey Lee, known as "Kelsey", was born and raised at RDA in the Top End.  Kelsey is one of the Top End's favourites, even with our non-riding clients.  Kelsey will patiently stand while being groomed in our on-ground activities and enjoys all the attention.  Kelsey exemplifies everything an RDA horse stands for.  She is gently, compassionate and willing to please all that attend the Centre.
Age: 29 years
Gelding./Mare: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony
Length of RDA Service: 6 years
Bucko was donated to the RDA Mackay Centre when they first opened in 2010 and was their very first horse.  Throughout the years, Bucko has shown how special he is, helping a rider with Autism who screamed and yelled when taken near to Bucko.  Bucko slowly approached the rider who miraculously sat on his back!
Age: 18 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Grey
Breed: Welsh 'A'
Length of RDA Service: 13 years
Casper joined RDA Jennibrook  in 2003 and has been a little treasure ever since, being used as a therapy horse.  During a therapy session, he is surrounded by volunteer side-walkers supporting hte rider and performs many different gaits and never puts a foot wrong even while volunteers sing nursery rhymes, forgetting the words and usually out of tune!
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Age: 28 years
Gelding/Mare: Mare
Colour: Palomino
Breed: Palomino
Length of RDA Service: 1.5 years
Jess came to RDA Kingborough from a rider's mother to fill a gap in our equine team.  It was an amazing career change for Jess - going from semi-retirement as a former mountain horse rounding up cattle to working in an arena in an RDA setting!  We are so lucky Jess has been able to remain at our Centre longer then originally planned.  A must for every RDA Centre and we are so lucky that she found her way to ours.
Age: 8 years
Gelding/Mare: Gelding
Colour: Bay
Breed: Standard Bred
Length of RDA Service: 1 year
JJ was born into a successful line of Pacers, a sport for the stronger type of horse with stamina and attitude - JJ had all of that.  JJ's owner, Dani, was aware that JJ's racing career would be short so she planned ahead for his retirement.  JJ relocated in 2014 to be retrained into a gentler, more sedate career and moved to RDA Oaklands in 2015.  JJ is now an established member of Team RDA Oaklands and winning hearts instead of races.
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