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Coaches' Section

Welcome to the RDA Coaches' Section. Use the menu on the left to access content in this section.

The aim of the RDAA Coaches' Section is to share information, useful resources and ideas within the RDA coaching community. The more that people contribute to this dedicated secure Coaches' Section, the richer and more useful this resource will be to RDA coaches. This site provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and develop best practice.


RDAA New Coaches Portal

            Commemorative Grants Program

A new secure online coaches’ portal has been developed for the RDAA national website with a grant from The Myer Foundation and The Sidney Myer Fund Capacity Building Grant ‘Celebrating our Partners Project’.

Please click on aspx to view a short demo which explains how coaches can access and use the new coaches’ portal. [NB: The video has a voiceover so please make sure you have sound enabled]

for Coaches

Search the RDA Coach Database by location, level or name.

Submitting Content

The Coaches' Section has recently been updated! You can now submit articles or documents, or simply comment on or ask questions about a particular article or document.

How do I submit content to the Coaches' Section?
On each page you will notice a 'Submit Content for this page' button in the left column. Simply click on this button and you will be taken to a 'Submit Content' form. Here you have the ability to upload a file and/or comment, write an article, or ask a question.

How long will it take for my content to appear on the site?
Any content you submit will need to be moderated by the administrator before it is posted, so it may be up to several days in some cases before your content is posted.

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